Step One: Read the overview of technical requirements.

  • Operating Systems and Network Access
    • Windows: Windows 8, 7, Vista (XP users can use Firefox or Chrome) and Broadband connection.
    • Apple: Macintosh OS X, iPad, iPhone (Skyfire supports flash) via WiFi or Broadband.
    • Android: Tablet, Phone (Chrome, Firefox, Dolphin; Photon supports flash) via WiFi.
    • Additional hardware or software may be required to use interactive multimedia.
  • Web Browsers
    • Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer (IE) are the recommended browsers.
    • In other browsers, some functionality may not work (eg. Safari may not show the built-in html editor).
  • Pop-up configuration
    • Some courses use pop-up windows, therefore you will need to disable pop-up blockers in your browser.
    • In addition check you web browser has Javascript enabled, Cookies enabled, PDF viewer and a Flash player.
    • For IE you can check your security level (click on Tools, Internet Options, Security - use Medium High).

Step Two: Check your system's settings

Step Three: Login

  • New User
    • If you are a student your username is your student number, else if you are staff enter your username.  If you are a new user click on the "Yes, help me log in" button and follow the instructions. (Note: enter only your username OR your email address not both). Your account information will then be emailed to you.
  • Still having trouble logging in?
    • You should have received a username that is your client name or student number. Please refer to the Welcome letter you received from the College. If you can't find your student number, contact your student adviser at
  • Been here before but can't remember your username or password?
    • Click on the "Yes, help me log in" button on the login screen. Fill in the email address (this must match the address in your account profile) and the system will send you an email asking you to confirm you have requested a new password. Go to your email account, and click on the link within the email message. The system will then send you a new password.

Step Four: Still need technical support?

  • Still having problems?
    • Check your 'Caps Lock' key is not active and that you have entered your password in the correct case.
    • Ensure you are not using your password for another system such as the ePortal.
    • For Staff Members: Usernames are restricted to a maximum of 20 characters, and any punctuation in names has been removed. (eg. Simon Foxton-Hummingbird will have a username of simonfoxtonhummingb).  Occasionally other people at Endeavour may share your firstname and lastname. In this situation numbers have been added to the usernames to ensure they are unique. You could try adding 2 or 3 on the end of your username (eg. jobloggs2)
    • Contact online support at for further assistance.
    • Also you can contact Endeavour, see contact information at
    • Finally you can phone online support on 1300 051 429 (during business hours AEST, if no one answers, you may leave a message, please include your name, subject and phone number, if you do not hear back within two working days please email us or try phoning again).